• Entertainment Weekly: It’s been pretty well documented that babies like your music. Do you guys like babies?
  • Chris Tomson: Vampire Weekend is solidly pro-babies.
  • Ezra Koenig: I saw a baby a few weeks ago, and it was really cute. And it got me thinking, like, babies are all right.

Anonymous asked:

Why do you think the mixtape is gonna possibly drop tomorrow?




today. it’s the 23rd, same date of the release of i love you. (except that was in april), it’s a tuesday and most new music is released on tuesday. like new music is always released on a tuesday. and it seems like a reasonable time since they’re gonna be recording their new album soon. AND jesse kept posting ‘23’ on instagram (pics of the number) and today is the 23rd. it seems to all make sense. u feel?

But let’s be real they probably mean 2023


  • Sam Pepper: It was a social experiment guys
  • Every psychology student: Where was the control over extraneous and participant variables? What were you even experimenting? Social experiments are supposed to be ethical, yet as far as I'm concerned there was no consent from the participants, you didn't brief them, you caused discomfort. In conclusion, this was unethical as fuck, don't tell us we don't have a reason to be mad, fuck you, goodbye.